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Red Billabong (2016)


113 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Action | Thriller | Adventure

Release date: August 25, 2016

Director: Luke Sparke

Description: In the Australian Outback, two brothers discover old secrets and family lies. As their friends start to go missing they fear they are being stalked by someone or something from their worst ...

Down Under (2016)


90 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Comedy

Release date: August 11, 2016

Director: Abe Forsythe

Description: A black comedy set during the aftermath of the Cronulla riots, it is the story of two carloads of hotheads from both sides of the fight destined to collide.

Ghostbusters (2016)


116 min

Country: USA | Australia

Genre: Action | Comedy | Fantasy

Release date: July 15, 2016

Director: Paul Feig

Description: Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.

Goldstone (2016)


110 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Release date: July 07, 2016

Director: Ivan Sen

Description: Indigenous Detective Jay Swan arrives in the frontier town of Goldstone on a missing persons inquiry. What seems like a simple light duty investigation opens a web of crime and corruption. ...

Arrowhead (2016)


95 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Release date: June 09, 2016

Director: Jesse O'Brien

Description: Arrowhead is an interstellar survival story of a stranded mercenary who discovers a deadly secret on a seemingly deserted moon.

The Brothers Grimsby (2016)


83 min

Country: USA | UK | Australia

Genre: Action | Comedy | Adventure

Release date: March 11, 2016

Director: Louis Leterrier

Description: A new assignment forces a top spy to team up with his football hooligan brother.

Gods of Egypt (2016)


126 min

Country: USA | Australia

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Release date: February 26, 2016

Director: Alex Proyas

Description: Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt's throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict.

The Daughter (2015)


96 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Drama

Release date: January 27, 2017

Director: Simon Stone

Description: The story follows a man who returns home to discover a long-buried family secret, and whose attempts to put things right threaten the lives of those he left home years before.

Cat Sick Blues (2015)


101 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Horror

Release date: September 21, 2016

Director: Dave Jackson

Description: When Ted's beloved cat dies, the trauma triggers a mental breakdown. His broken brain prompts him to bring his feline friend back - all he needs is nine human lives.

Girl Asleep (2015)


77 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Family

Release date: September 08, 2016

Director: Rosemary Myers

Description: The world is closing in on Greta Driscoll. On the cusp of turning fifteen she can't bear to leave her childhood, it contains all the things that give her comfort in this incomprehensible new world.

Last Cab to Darwin (2015)


123 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Drama

Release date: June 10, 2016

Director: Jeremy Sims

Description: When Rex, a Broken Hill cab driver, is told he doesn't have long to live, he sets out on an epic journey to Darwin in a bid to die on his own terms.

The Pack (2015)


90 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Horror | Thriller

Release date: February 05, 2016

Director: Nick Robertson

Description: A farmer and his family must fight for survival after a ferocious pack of wild dogs infiltrates their isolated farmhouse. Through a series of frightening and bloody encounters they are ...

Backtrack (2015)


90 min

Country: UK | Australia | United Arab Emirates

Genre: Horror | Drama | Mystery

Release date: January 29, 2016

Director: Michael Petroni

Description: Psychologist Peter Bower's life is thrown into turmoil when he discovers a strange secret about his patients. Risking his own sanity, Peter delves into his past to uncover a terrifying ...

Terminus (2015)


94 min

Country: Australia

Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi

Release date: January 22, 2016

Director: Marc Furmie

Description: Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind.

Carol (2015)


118 min

Country: USA | France | UK | Australia

Genre: Romance | Drama

Release date: January 15, 2016

Director: Todd Haynes

Description: An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older woman in 1950s New York.

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