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Singing the Blues in Red (1986)


110 min

Country: France | UK | West Germany

Genre: Drama

Release date: January 29, 1988

Director: Ken Loach

Description: A singer swaps the political intimidation of working in East Germany for the equally controlling capitalist music industry in the West.

Enemy Mine (1985)


108 min

Country: USA | West Germany

Genre: Action | Drama | Adventure

Release date: December 20, 1985

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Description: A soldier from Earth crash-lands on an alien world after sustaining battle damage. Eventually he encounters another survivor, but from the enemy species he was fighting; they band together ...

Never Say Never Again (1983)


134 min

Country: USA | UK | West Germany

Genre: Action | Thriller | Adventure

Release date: October 07, 1983

Director: Irvin Kershner

Description: A SPECTRE agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before they are detonated.

Fitzcarraldo (1982)


158 min

Country: West Germany | Peru

Genre: Drama | Adventure

Release date: October 10, 1982

Director: Werner Herzog

Description: The story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, an extremely determined man who intends to build an opera house in the middle of a jungle.

Possession (1981)


124 min

Country: France | West Germany

Genre: Horror | Drama

Release date: October 28, 1983

Director: Andrzej Zulawski

Description: A woman starts exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior after asking her husband for a divorce. Suspicions of infidelity soon give way to something much more sinister.

Bloody Moon (1981)


90 min

Country: Spain | West Germany

Genre: Horror

Release date: April 17, 1981

Director: Jesús Franco

Description: Girls are killed at a language-school in Spain.

Christiane F. (1981)


138 min

Country: West Germany

Genre: Drama | Biography

Release date: April 02, 1981

Director: Uli Edel

Description: This movie portrays the drug scene in Berlin in the 1970s, following tape recordings of Christiane F. 14-year-old Christiane lives with her mother and little sister in a typical multi-story...

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)


122 min

Country: USA | West Germany

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Release date: March 20, 1981

Director: Bob Rafelson

Description: The sensuous wife of a lunch wagon proprietor and a rootless drifter begin a sordidly steamy affair and conspire to murder her Greek husband.

Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)


107 min

Country: France | West Germany

Genre: Horror | Drama | Fantasy

Release date: January 17, 1979

Director: Werner Herzog

Description: Jonathan and Lucy live in Wismar and the Count wants a house there. Varna is a port on the Black Sea, close to Dracula's castle.

Fedora (1978)


114 min

Country: France | West Germany

Genre: Romance | Drama

Release date: September 13, 1978

Director: Billy Wilder

Description: Down-on-his-luck Hollywood producer Barry 'Dutch' Detweiler attempts to lure Fedora, a famous but reclusive film actress, out of retirement.

F for Fake (1973)


89 min

Country: France | Iran | West Germany

Genre: Documentary

Release date: March 12, 1975

Director: Orson Welles

Description: A documentary about fraud and fakery.

What Have You Done to Solange? (1972)


107 min

Country: Italy | West Germany

Genre: Horror | Romance | Mystery

Release date: May 01, 1975

Director: Massimo Dallamano

Description: A teacher who is having an affair with one of his students takes her out on a boat. They see a knife killing on shore. Other gruesome murders start occurring shortly thereafter, and the ...

What? (1972)


112 min

Country: France | Italy | West Germany

Genre: Comedy

Release date: October 03, 1973

Director: Roman Polanski

Description: A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed ...

Rio 70 (1969)


94 min

Country: Spain | USA | West Germany

Genre: Action | Adventure

Release date: March 20, 1972

Director: Jesús Franco

Description: Sumuru, the beautiful leader of the all-female kingdom of Femina, plans to use her women to take over the world.

House of 1,000 Dolls (1967)


90 min

Country: Spain | West Germany

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Release date: March 13, 1968

Director: Jeremy Summers

Description: When a vacationing couple in Tangiers run into an old friend there, they discover that he is searching for his missing girlfriend who has been kidnapped by an international gang of white ...

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