For a Few Dollars More (1965)

Movie Informations

8.3 For a Few Dollars More

132 min

Year: 1965

Age restriction: APPROVED

Genre: Western

Director: Sergio Leone

Writer: Sergio Leone | Fulvio Morsella

Stars: Clint Eastwood | Lee Van Cleef | Gian Maria Volontè

Country: Spain | Italy | West Germany

Language: Italian

Release date: May 10, 1967

Imdb Votes: 163,654

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Movie Description

Monco is a bounty killer chasing El Indio and his gang. During his hunting, he meets Col. Douglas Mortimer, another bounty killer, and they decide to make a partnership, chase the bad guys together and split the reward. During their enterprise, there will be lots of bullets and funny situations. In the end, one of the bounty hunters shows the real intention of his hunting.



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