Violent Saturday (1955)

Movie Informations

6.9 Violent Saturday

90 min

Year: 1955

Age restriction: N/A

Genre: Crime | Drama | Film-Noir

Director: Richard Fleischer

Writer: Sydney Boehm | William L. Heath

Stars: Victor Mature | Richard Egan | Stephen McNally

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: April 20, 1955

Imdb Votes: 1,376

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Movie Description

A number of otherwise insignificant small-town stories erupt into drama when a gang of hoodlums decides to rob the local bank. A father looking for pride in his son's eyes, a timid clerk who is a peeping tom by night, a man striving to rewin his wife's love, an Amish farmer faced with viciousness, and a proper older woman turned thief, all find themselves entangled with the bank robbers as a peaceful weekend turns violent.



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