The Hollow (2016)

Movie Informations

4.9 The Hollow

128 min

Year: 2016

Age restriction: N/A

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery

Director: Miles Doleac

Writer: Miles Doleac

Stars: William Sadler | Jeff Fahey | James Callis

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: October 07, 2016

Imdb Votes: 399

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Movie Description

When a U.S. congressman's daughter passing through a small town in Mississippi dies in a mysterious triple homicide, a team of F.B.I. agents descends to investigate, the team's brilliant but jaded lead agent battling demons both past and present, as his beautiful, tough-as-nails partner tries to hold him and the case together. They find a struggling and corrupt sheriff's department, a shadowy and much-feared figure, who seems to be pulling all of the town's strings from his mansion on the edge of town and a local victim with a strange connection to a number of the town's most prominent figures.



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