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Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)


105 min

Country: USA

Genre: Action | Comedy

Release date: October 21, 2016

Director: Greg Mottola

Description: A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their seemingly perfect new neighbors are government spies.

Indignation (2016)


110 min

Country: USA | China

Genre: Drama

Release date: August 11, 2016

Director: James Schamus

Description: In 1951, Marcus, a working-class Jewish student from New Jersey, attends a small Ohio college, where he struggles with sexual repression and cultural disaffection, amid the ongoing Korean War.

Zero Days (2016)


116 min

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary

Release date: July 08, 2016

Director: Alex Gibney

Description: A documentary focused on Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware that the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, and which ultimately spread beyond its intended target.

Beyond the Mountains and Hills (2016)


90 min

Country: Germany | Belgium | Israel

Genre: Drama

Director: Eran Kolirin

Description: David is discharged from the army after serving 27 years. He finally returns to his family and tries to find himself in his new civilian life. When a friend suggests working for a company ...

ABCs of Death 2 (2014)


125 min

Country: USA | Japan | New Zealand | Canada | Israel

Genre: Horror | Comedy

Release date: October 02, 2014

Director: Rodney Ascher

Description: Another 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty.

Walk of Shame (2014)


95 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Release date: May 01, 2014

Director: Steven Brill

Description: A reporter's dream of becoming a news anchor is compromised after a one-night stand leaves her stranded in downtown L.A. without a phone, car, ID or money - and only 8 hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life.

Son of God (2014)


138 min

Country: USA

Genre: Drama | Biography | History

Release date: February 28, 2014

Director: Christopher Spencer

Description: The life story of Jesus is told from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

World War Z (2013)


116 min

Country: USA

Genre: Horror | Action | Adventure

Release date: June 21, 2013

Director: Marc Forster

Description: Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

The Dictator (2012)


83 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Release date: May 16, 2012

Director: Larry Charles

Description: The heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

This Must Be the Place (2011)


118 min

Country: France | Italy | Ireland

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Release date: August 24, 2011

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Description: Cheyenne, a retired rock star living off his royalties in Dublin, returns to New York City to find the man responsible for a humiliation suffered by his recently deceased father during W.W.II.

Holy Rollers (2010)


89 min

Country: USA

Genre: Crime | Drama | Biography

Release date: December 23, 2010

Director: Kevin Asch

Description: In Brooklyn, a youth from an Orthodox Jewish community is lured into becoming an Ecstasy dealer by his pal who has ties to an Israeli drug cartel.

Date Night (2010)


88 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Romance

Release date: April 09, 2010

Director: Shawn Levy

Description: In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.

The Trotsky (2009)


120 min

Country: Canada

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Release date: May 05, 2010

Director: Jacob Tierney

Description: N/A

The Unborn (2009)


88 min

Country: USA

Genre: Horror | Drama | Fantasy

Release date: January 09, 2009

Director: David S. Goyer

Description: A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.

Adoration (2008)


100 min

Country: Canada

Genre: Romance | Drama

Release date: April 24, 2009

Director: Atom Egoyan

Description: For his French-class assignment, a high school student weaves his family history in a news story involving terrorism, and goes on to invite an Internet audience in on the resulting controversy.

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