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Hidden in the Woods (2016)


98 min

Country: USA | France

Genre: Thriller

Release date: December 02, 2016

Director: Patricio Valladares

Description: Hidden in the Woods tells the story of two sisters who have been raised in isolation, subjected to the torment of their abusive, drug dealing father. When they finally decide to report him ...

The Midnight Man (2016)


105 min

Country: USA

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Release date: March 01, 2016

Director: D.C. Hamilton

Description: When Grady, an assassin with a genetic disorder that renders him unable to feel pain, is sent on a high-stakes assignment, his world is turned upside-down after an attack when he awakens to...

Laugh Killer Laugh (2015)


100 min

Country: USA

Genre: Crime | Drama

Release date: April 24, 2015

Director: Kamal Ahmed

Description: A Jewel thief named Frank Stone is a very deeply disturbed, anti social, milquetoast who finds no joy or humor in anything - until he awakens from a deep coma.

Inkubus (2011)


80 min

Country: USA

Genre: Horror

Release date: October 28, 2011

Director: Glenn Ciano

Description: Inkubus tells the story of a skeleton crew working the final shift at a soon to be demolished police station. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus, calmly walks into the ...

The Substitute (1996)


114 min

Country: USA

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

Release date: April 19, 1996

Director: Robert Mandel

Description: After a botched mission in Cuba, professional mercenary Shale and his crew Joey Six, Hollan, Rem, and Wellman head home to Miami, Florida, where Shale is reunited with his fiance Jane ...