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Churchill's Secret (2016)


100 min

Country: UK

Genre: Drama | Biography

Release date: September 11, 2016

Director: Charles Sturridge

Description: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill suffers from a stroke in the summer of 1953, which is consequently kept a secret from the rest of the world.

Quartet (2012)


98 min

Country: UK

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Release date: March 01, 2013

Director: Dustin Hoffman

Description: At a home for retired musicians, the annual concert to celebrate Verdi's birthday is disrupted by the arrival of Jean, an eternal diva and the former wife of one of the residents.

Amazing Grace (2006)


118 min

Country: USA | UK

Genre: Drama | Biography | History

Release date: February 23, 2007

Director: Michael Apted

Description: The idealist William Wilberforce maneuvers his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade.

Layer Cake (2004)


105 min

Country: UK

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Release date: June 03, 2005

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Description: A successful cocaine dealer gets two tough assignments from his boss on the eve of his planned early retirement.

Gosford Park (2001)

[Subtitles: 6]


131 min

Country: USA | UK | Italy

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Mystery

Release date: January 18, 2002

Director: Robert Altman

Description: The lives of upstairs guests and downstairs servants at a party in 1932 in a country house in England as they investigate a murder involving one of them.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)


124 min

Country: France | UK

Genre: Crime | Drama

Release date: April 06, 1990

Director: Peter Greenaway

Description: The wife of an abusive criminal finds solace in the arms of a kind regular guest in her husband's restaurant.