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Confirmation (2016)


110 min

Country: USA

Genre: Drama | History

Release date: April 16, 2016

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Description: Judge Clarence Thomas' nomination to the United States' Supreme Court is called into question when former colleague, Anita Hill, testifies that he had sexually harassed her.

Dope (2015)


103 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama

Release date: June 19, 2015

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Description: Life changes for Malcolm, a geek who's surviving life in a tough neighborhood, after a chance invitation to an underground party leads him and his friends into a Los Angeles adventure.

Our Family Wedding (2010)


103 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Release date: March 12, 2010

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Description: The weeks leading up to a young couple's wedding are comic and stressful, especially as their respective fathers try to lay their long standing feud to rest.

Talk to Me (2007)


118 min

Country: USA

Genre: Drama | Biography | History

Release date: August 03, 2007

Director: Kasi Lemmons

Description: The story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph "Petey" Greene, an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s.