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The Hollars (2016)


88 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Drama

Release date: August 26, 2016

Director: John Krasinski

Description: A man returns to his small hometown after learning that his mother has fallen ill and is about to undergo surgery.

13 Hours (2016)

[Subtitles: 5]


144 min

Country: USA

Genre: Action | Drama | History

Release date: January 15, 2016

Director: Michael Bay

Description: During an attack on a U.S. compound in Libya, a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos.

Promised Land (2012)


106 min

Country: USA | United Arab Emirates

Genre: Drama

Release date: January 04, 2013

Director: Gus Van Sant

Description: A salesman for a natural gas company experiences life-changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources.

Big Miracle (2012)


107 min

Country: USA | UK

Genre: Romance | Drama | Biography

Release date: February 03, 2012

Director: Ken Kwapis

Description: In small-town Alaska, a news reporter recruits his ex-girlfriend - a Greenpeace volunteer - on a campaign to save a family of gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle.

Away We Go (2009)


98 min

Country: USA | UK

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Drama

Release date: June 26, 2009

Director: Sam Mendes

Description: A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family. Along the way, they have misadventures and find fresh connections with an assortment of relatives and old friends who just might help them discover "home" on their own terms for the first time.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009)


80 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Release date: January 19, 2009

Director: John Krasinski

Description: A graduate student (Nicholson) copes with a recent breakup by conducting interviews with various men.

Leatherheads (2008)


114 min

Country: USA | Germany

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Drama

Release date: April 04, 2008

Director: George Clooney

Description: In 1925, an enterprising pro football player convinces America's too-good-to-be-true college football hero to play for his team and keep the league from going under.

Smiley Face (2007)


85 min

Country: USA | Germany

Genre: Comedy

Release date: January 16, 2008

Director: Gregg Araki

Description: After a young actress unknowingly eats her roommate's marijuana cupcakes, her day becomes a series of misadventures.

License to Wed (2007)


91 min

Country: USA | Australia

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Release date: July 03, 2007

Director: Ken Kwapis

Description: A reverend puts an engaged couple through a grueling marriage preparation course to see if they are meant to be married in his church.