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The Canterbury Tales (1972)


112 min

Country: France | Italy

Genre: Comedy | Drama | History

Release date: May 30, 1980

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Description: Pasolini's artistic, sometimes violent, always vividly cinematic retelling of some of Chaucer's most erotic tales.

The Harder They Come (1972)


120 min

Country: Jamaica

Genre: Crime | Drama | Music

Release date: August 05, 1977

Director: Perry Henzell

Description: Wishing to become a successful Reggae singer, a young Jamaican man finds himself tied to corrupt record producers and drug pushers.

Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)


89 min

Country: Japan

Genre: Horror | Action | Adventure

Release date: August 01, 1977

Director: Jun Fukuda

Description: A man begins to suspect that something is wrong about his employers; meanwhile, Godzilla and Anguirus are alerted to something strange going on.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)


93 min

Country: West Germany

Genre: Drama | Biography | Adventure

Release date: April 03, 1977

Director: Werner Herzog

Description: In the 16th century, the ruthless and insane Don Lope de Aguirre leads a Spanish expedition in search of El Dorado.

The Valley (Obscured by Clouds) (1972)


106 min

Country: France

Genre: Drama

Release date: April 01, 1977

Director: Barbet Schroeder

Description: Filmmaker Barbet Schroeder explores themes of sexual freedom, mind alteration, and pursuit of paradise against the backdrop of an early 70's encounter with the Mapuga rain forest tribe in upland New Guinea.

Doomwatch (1972)


92 min

Country: UK

Genre: Thriller | Mystery | Sci-Fi

Release date: January 01, 1976

Director: Peter Sasdy

Description: The waters surrounding an island become contaminated by chemical dumping, and people who eat fish caught in those waters become deformed and violent.

What Have You Done to Solange? (1972)


107 min

Country: Italy | West Germany

Genre: Horror | Romance | Mystery

Release date: May 01, 1975

Director: Massimo Dallamano

Description: A teacher who is having an affair with one of his students takes her out on a boat. They see a knife killing on shore. Other gruesome murders start occurring shortly thereafter, and the ...

Necromancy (1972)


83 min

Country: USA

Genre: Horror

Release date: April 20, 1974

Director: Bert I. Gordon

Description: Orson Welles plays the head of a witches' coven in the town of Lilith, where he needs the powers of Pamela Franklin to raise his son from the dead.

What? (1972)


112 min

Country: France | Italy | West Germany

Genre: Comedy

Release date: October 03, 1973

Director: Roman Polanski

Description: A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed ...

Sleuth (1972)


138 min

Country: USA | UK

Genre: Thriller | Mystery

Release date: July 12, 1973

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Description: A man who loves games and theater invites his wife's lover to meet him, setting up a battle of wits with potentially deadly results.

Hammer (1972)


92 min

Country: USA

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

Release date: April 07, 1973

Director: Bruce D. Clark

Description: A dock worker becomes a prizefighter, but gets mixed up with a crooked manager. A sympathetic L.A. detective tries to set him straight, but he won't listen. His manager, who is also a drug ...

Across 110th Street (1972)


102 min

Country: USA

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

Release date: March 23, 1973

Director: Barry Shear

Description: Two New York City cops go after amateur crooks who are trying to rip off the Mafia and start a gang war.

State of Siege (1972)


120 min

Country: France | Italy | West Germany

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Release date: February 08, 1973

Director: Costa-Gavras

Description: In Uruguay in the early 1970s, an official of the US Agency for International Development (a group used as a front for training foreign police in counterinsurgency methods) is kidnapped by ...

Last Tango in Paris (1972)


129 min

Country: France | Italy

Genre: Drama

Release date: February 07, 1973

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Description: A young Parisian woman meets a middle-aged American businessman who demands their clandestine relationship be based only on sex.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972)


88 min

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Release date: January 31, 1973

Director: Woody Allen

Description: Seven segments related to one another only in that they all purport to be based on sections of the book by David Reuben. The segments range from "Do Aphrodisiacs Work?" in which a court ...

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